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MS Office issues running Lion

Posted by Greg Mills

Most significant Apple Apps were updated to run on Macs running Lion. Perhaps the most serious lapse was that Microsoft Office has some pretty serious problems that weren’t fixed prior to Lion being launched. Despite a long lead-in period through the Apple Developer program Microsoft’s Apple division allowed its most important Mac software title to go obsolete.

See; http://www.computerworld.com/s/article/9218618/Microsoft_spells_out_Office_for_Mac_bugs_in_Lion?taxonomyId=123

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Microsoft releases Office 2004 Service Pack 1

Microsoft’s Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) today released Service Pack 1 for Office 2004 for Mac via Microsoft AutoUpdate. The update addresses potential security issues and bugs, according to Microsoft. The new version offers support for the Microsoft Error Reporting Protocol (MERP), which allows users to communicate bug data anonymously to Microsoft, enabling efficient fixes and helping increase the overall stability of Office 2004.

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‘Making Macintosh more corporate’

“Bill Gates used to brag that Microsoft made more money from each Macintosh sold than Apple Computer did,” Stephen H. Wildstrom writes in BusinessWeek. “Apple’s hardware is now plenty profitable, but Microsoft software remains an important part of the Mac ecosystem.

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TIME: Office 2004 for Mac superior to Windows version

TIME Magazine’s Anita Hamilton says that Microsoft Office 2004, which will be released this month, could make Windows users envious: “Office 2004 for Mac is clearly superior to its PC counterpart for most users,” she writes. “Last fall Microsoft put out a bloated update of Office for Windows that focused more on collaborating with other users than on making it easier for you to get your own work done.

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