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CINEMA 4D Exchange for After Effects CS3 available

MAXON today announced the release of its free file exchange plugin available for seamless connectivity to After Effects CS3, for both Windows and Macintosh systems. The After Effects plugin not only merges individually rendered passes made in CINEMA 4D, such as shadows, reflections and highlights, but also imports camera and light information, as well as object position data for easily incorporating 3D into a 2D workflow.

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New Maxon releases announced at SIGGRAPH

Maxon today announced the upcoming release of Cinema 4D Release 9.5, BodyPaint 3D 2.5 and a new Maxon Production Bundle exclusively for studio visual effects. Cinema 4D Release 9.5 offers improved workflow, lighting and rendering enhancements, and SKY, a tool that lets users to easily create atmospherics. BodyPaint 3D Release 2.5 provides optimized workflow and new tools to assist artists in creating high-quality textures by painting directly on their 3D models.

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Maxon bridges the gap to ArchiCAD

Maxon Computer today announced the release an eXchange plug-in for the exchange of data between Graphisoft ArchiCAD and Maxon Cinema 4D. The plug-in transfers all relevant objects, object classes, lights, materials and cameras of an ArchiCAD project to CINEMA 4D, so architects can visualize their projects perfectly by combining ArchiCAD’s design tools with Cinema 4D’s high-quality rendering. In addition, two optional Cinema 4D modules are available.

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BodyPaint 3D for 3ds max 6 now available

MAXON has announced that it has updated the plugin that connects BodyPaint 3D R2 to 3ds max 6. “Now the unique 3D painting features of MAXON’s Hollywood-proven tool are available to all users of the latest generation of 3ds max. Character animators and games developers in particular appreciate the versatility of BodyPaint 3D when it comes to texturing the most complex models without distortions,” notes the company. The free plugin is available for download now.

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Maxon ships hair plugin for Cinema 4D

Maxon today announced that it is shipping Shave and a Haircut 2.5, the latest version of Joe Alter’s hair plugin for Cinema 4D. The company says Shave and a Haircut 2.5 offers numerous improvements: “The hair looks more lifelike than in previous versions thanks to a string of enhancements such as improved anti-aliasing, smoother soft shadows and a completely new look for frizz and kink that is closer to the real thing.” In addition, the rendering engine is 25-100% faster, the company notes.

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