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iPod ads win Cannes Lions Award

Apple’s iPod “Silhouette” advertising campaign has won a Media Lion Award at the 51st annual Cannes Lions Festival, which celebrates the best in international advertising, marketing and creativity. The iPod campaign included TV, outdoor, print and in-store advertising and was honored in the “Young Adults (18-34)” category, reports Apple UK.

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iPod ads feature songs unavailable from iTMS

The last two iPod television commercials feature songs that are not currently available for purchase from the iTunes Music Store (iTMS). Apple has not yet replied to say whether or not the songs—”Rock Star” (Jason Nevins Remix) by N.E.R.D and “Channel Surfing” by Feature Cast—will ever appear on the iTMS. The iPod ads feature black silhouettes dancing with iPods in front of vibrant background colors.

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Apple’s iPod ads analyzed

BBC has published a review of Apple’s latest iPod advertising. “Unlike 99% of campaigns, the creatives’ job here is simply not to blow the product’s cool. The campaign is simple and iconic, a subtle evolution of Apple’s tried-and-tested formula. The only innovation is that it uses neon hues, rather than the traditional white backdrop.

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Apple launches new iPod ad campaign

With the release of updated iPods, Apple has launched a new ad campaign in national magazines, billboards, and on the Web. The new ads feature a variety of vibrant color schemes with a black silhouette of a person dancing with an iPod. The new style represents a major departure from Apple’s usual simple, white advertising. All of the ads can be seen on Apple’s site for the new iPods.

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