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Apple airs new iPod TV ad

Apple has begun airing a new television commercial for iTunes and iPod entitled “Wild Postings.” The ad features a young man listening to “Ride” by The Vines on his iPod in New York City, where he walks past a wall of animated iPod posters. Apple has posted the ad on its Web site in QuickTime format. Several MacMinute readers report seeing the spot on network and cable television late Monday.

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Apple posts latest iPod ad

Apple has posted the latest iPod commercial, which features the song “Channel Surfing” by Feature Cast. The ad was first shown during Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ keynote address at Macworld Expo earlier this month. Like the previous ads, the new spot features silhouetted dancers with iPods in front of vibrant background colors.

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Apple airs new iPod television ad

Apple has begun airing a new television commercial that features the concept of the popular print campaign, but brings the medium alive with motion. The ad features black silhouettes with iPods dancing in front of vibrant colors to “Hey Mama” by the Black Eyed Peas. It concludes with: “iPod” then “Mac or PC” and finally the Apple logo. It was spotted during NBC’s “The West Wing.” Update: Apple has now posted the iPod ad online in QuickTime format.

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