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Intelli announces IntelliScanner OCR Pen

Intelli Innovations today introduced the IntelliScanner OCR Pen, a complete package including a digital optical pen that utilizes OCR scanning technology to enter both editable text and barcode values into any Mac application. The complete OCR Pen Kit includes the USB pen, along with desktop inventory software, the company’s award-winning “Collection” multimedia tracking software, asset tag generation software, and drivers for entering text into programs such as FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Word.

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Address Validator finds, corrects postal errors

Intelli Innovations today released Address Validator 1.0, new U.S. postal address standardization software. Address Validator “spiders” each postal address in any imported tab-delimited file/database, checks it for errors against the U.S. Postal Service’s national address databases, then returns a standardized address list. Standardized addresses include correct street names, abbreviations, and full 9-digit zip codes (Zip+4). Address Validator, which is priced at US$699, requires Mac OS 9.1 or later and Mac OS X.

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IntelliMerge 3.1 adds Address Book integration, more

Intelli Innovations has announced the release of IntelliMerge 3.1, the latest revision to its e-mail merge software for sending business and personal e-mail for Mac OS 8.5 and later and Mac OS X. A few of the features offered in version 3.1 include Apple Address Book integration, case-insensitive batch unsubscribe functionality, an improved bounce checker and more. IntelliMerge 3.1 sells for US$79.95, with various upgrade pricing options available. Read More

Intelli Innovations announces new USB barcode scanner

Intelli Innovations today announced the IntelliScanner 4000i, a new high-end version of the company’s original IntelliScanner 3000i handheld USB barcode scanner. The device includes two new Intelli Innovations applications designed specifically for the IntelliScanner 4000i. ProInventory easily tracks inventory lists by recording product information, size, color, pricing, and stock. xTagger creates and prints barcoded product and book label graphics for easy scanning of inventory, library books, and rental materials.

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