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Heroes of Might and Magic V for Mac updated

Freeverse today announced Heroes of Might and Magic V for the Macintosh, under exclusive worldwide license from Ubisoft, has been updated to version 1.5. Developed for the PC by Nival Interactive, Heroes of Might and Magic V brings the popular and long-running strategy franchise into a new era with cutting-edge technology and a fully 3D animated world. Changes in this update include: autosave function improved; wider range of display resolutions supported; Mac OS X 10.4.9 or later is now required; and several bug fixes.

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Sound Studio 3.5.3 posted, free guitar utility released

Freeverse and Felt Tip Software today announced “Tuna Pitch” a free app and widget to help you tune your guitar or other instrument. With five built-in presets including the standard EADGBE tuning, reference tones, and the option to set all six strings to any note, Tuna Pitch has everything you need to stay in-tune. The Tuna Pitch app features a high-contrast, expandable window so it’s easy to read, while the widget version is small and wont clutter your Dashboard (site not updated).

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Freeverse ‘Big Week’ starts Monday

Freeverse today announced a “Big Week” of new software announcements and free games. Each day, starting on Monday, the company will release a new title, give away a free Mac game or make an announcement. One of the announcements will be a contest with a $1,000 grand prize. Ian Lynch Smith, President of Freeverse, said; “We’ve been working on lots of stuff and we’re very excited to share some news and give folks some games to play. See you on Monday!” Read More

Freeverse to bring Heroes of Might and Magic V to Mac

Freeverse today announced that it will be publishing Heroes of Might and Magic V for Macintosh, under exclusive worldwide license from Ubisoft. Currently in development for the PC by Nival Interactive, the game brings the long running strategy franchise into a new era, notes the announcements. “The game features a deep, scalable turn-based battle system for challenging tactical combat as well as the option of a brand new Active Battle System for faster play.

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Freeverse releases ToySight expansion pack

Freeverse and Strange Flavour today announced the release of the ToySight Gold Expansion Pack, an add on to the award-winning original ToySight. This expansion release features three new games including a demo release of the 3D dogfighting game FlySight. Also included are the games AirHeads and Mars Lander, and the ability to switch from NTSC to PAL output. Pricing for ToySight Gold is set at US$9.95. Read More

Freeverse updates ToySight, Burning Monkey Mahjong

Freeverse Software has released ToySight 1.0.1 and Burning Monkey Mahjong 1.1. The latest version of ToySight, the suite of FireWire video camera games, adds NTSC television compatibility, support for multiple video inputs, the ability to manipulate camera settings, and more. The Burning Monkey Mahjong update includes new tilesets and layouts, a layout browser, improved speed, and several bug fixes.

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