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Dell calls iPod a ‘fad’, dismisses Mac mini

Dell CEO Kevin Rollins says that Apple isn’t “in the same league” as Dell, and that he isn’t worried about the iPod and Mac mini. “It’s interesting the iPod has been out for three years and it’s only this past year it’s become a raging success. Well those things that become fads rage and then they drop off. When I was growing up there was a product made by Sony called the Sony Walkman–a rage, everyone had to have one,” he said. “Well you don’t hear about the Walkman anymore.

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Dell site challenges Apple for most unique visitors

Apple remains the category leader in attracting unique visitors to its Web site, despite a dramatic surge in visits to Dell.com in the last month, according to Nielsen/NetRatings. “In the week ending Dec. 12, compared with a month earlier, the number of unique visitors to Apple’s site declined from 4.9 million to 4.6 million. Meanwhile, Dell climbed from 2.7 million unique visitors in November to 4.1 million in the most recent period.” Read More

Dell launches iPod replacement promo

Dell has announced a new promotion that aims to get iPod users to switch to the company’s Dell DJ music player. In “A Deal that Rocks,” Dell is offering a 15GB Dell DJ for US$99 after mail-in rebate to consumers who send in an iPod for “recycling” for a limited time. The press release for the promo also takes a couple of jabs at Apple, noting the DJ’s longer battery life and support for more than one online music store.

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Dell to get new CEO

Michael Dell will give up his position as chief executive officer (CEO) to Kevin Rollins in July. “Rollins, currently Dell’s president, has been running the day-to-day operations of the company for some time, while Michael Dell has spent more time focusing on his company’s strategic initiatives,” reports CNET News.com. “As part of the decision, which Dell said in a statement was made Thursday by its board of directors, Rollins will become president and CEO on July 16, at the company’s annual meeting of shareholders.

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Dell stops selling iPods ‘permanently’

Dell stopped reselling Apple’s iPod in mid-November, about two weeks after the company launched its own MP3 player, the Dell DJ. “We’ve stopped selling them permanently,” said Mary Fad, a Dell spokeswoman. Both Apple and Dell declined to explain why the two companies scrapped their reselling agreement. “The iPod is the number one digital music player on the market and is available at thousands of retail locations and online,” Apple said in a statement.

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Dell tops Apple in R&D

Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell recently said that his company’s research and development (R&D) division is very comparable to that of Apple. In fact, Dell has more workers and spends more money than Apple in R&D, despite being known for rebranding products and using many OEM parts. “We have 3,600 folks in our R&D division and spend half a billion dollars a year, similar to the amount Apple spends,” Dell said. “Just because we sell a whole lot more doesn’t mean we’re bad.

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Dell readies new hard drive-based MP3 player

Dell plans to announce a 15GB hard drive-based MP3 player, dubbed the “Digital Jukebox,” next Thursday, according to IDG. “Apple Computer has received a great deal of critical and commercial praise for its iPod MP3 players, now available for Macintosh and Windows systems,” writes IDG’s Tom Krazit.

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