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Will Apple repeat history?

In his latest “Byte of the Mac” column for BusinessWeek, Alex Salkever draws historical comparisons between Apple’s Fair digital rights management technology and Microsoft’s more open policy with music downloads, and the original Mac/PC battle. “Sound familiar? Many computer-industry analysts believe Apple made a fatal error when it decided not to license its proprietary Macintosh operating system to other computer makers,” notes Salkever.

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BusinessWeek: ‘Apple’s New iMac: Skin-Deep Beauty’

In his latest “Byte of the Apple” column on BusinessWeek, Alex Salkever writes about Apple’s new iMac G5, which was announced yesterday at Apple Expo Paris. In it he discusses the pros and cons of the new consumer desktop, and speaks with several industry analysts to get their views. “Resembling a blown-up, stretched out iPod, it seems to be an effort to reach out to Windows PC owners who have already fallen in love with the diminutive digital music player,” writes Salkever.

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Columnist: ‘Apple, Respect Your Resellers’

In his latest “Byte of the Apple” column for BusinessWeek, Alex Salkever writes that if Apple refuses to heed the complaints of resellers (that Apple Stores are damaging their businesses), both sides will suffer. Salkever says that Apple must comes up with a plan to “rebuild and reinvent” its ties with small resellers. “First, it needs to be honest and admit that Apple stores are hurting the resellers’ business and that not all of them will survive,” writes Salkever.

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Columnist: iPod market share overblown

Apple’s iPod is a hit, but analysts’ belief that it commands 25 percent of the global market may be overblown, Alex Salkever writes in his latest “Byte of the Apple” column for Business Week Online. He says this is because “very little good data exists on international sales of consumer electronics.” “According to one of those chipmakers and to industry analysts, worldwide shipments of digital-music-player chips hit about 15 million last year,” Salkever writes.

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BusinessWeek: ‘Time for Apple to Spread the Beat’

In his latest column for BusinessWeek, Alex Salkever talks about Apple’s unquestionable success in the online music sales business, and what the company could do to capitalize on that success even more. Specifically, Salkever says that Apple needs to get the Windows version of the iTunes Music Store up ASAP, in order to take advantage of students returning to school. Not only could this mean increased music sales, but it could also spur a flood of iPod sales.

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Some Apple investors looking for a dividend

In the latest Byte of the Apple column on BusinessWeek, Alex Salkever looks at Apple’s successes since the technology bubble burst a few years ago. Salkever says that while Apple CEO Steve Jobs has led the company efficiently, bringing several very successful products to market, investors are now looking for their piece of the pie. “Some of the more outspoken Apple investors now think Jobs owes them a dividend, considering that the stock has fallen more than 50% since 2000,” writes Salkever.

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