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AOL talking to Apple about use of iTunes store?

Buried in Fortune’s extensive coverage of Apple’s new iTunes Music Store and iPods is an interesting section on a possible Apple partnership with AOL. “How many Windows iPod owners know what they’re missing by not using OS X? Do any of them really care? Perhaps that’s why Jobs is rolling out iTunes for Windows too. In fact, [Warner Music Group CEO] Roger Ames is trying to broker a deal in which AOL would adopt iTunes as its music-management software.

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AOL for Mac OS X gains new features

America Online (AOL) today announced a new version of AOL for Mac OS X that gives members “more control over their online experience, greater protection for their privacy and security, and enhanced communication features for e-mail and instant messaging.” AOL for Mac OS X users can also now add the AOL for Broadband service to any high-speed DSL or cable Internet connection using a “bring your own access” (BYOA) plan if they have existing broadband access already

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AOL Time Warner to charge for Web magazines

AOL Time Warner will move the free Web sites for a number of magazines into its America Online proprietary service, reports c|net. “Beginning Sunday, the popular magazines People and Entertainment Weekly will no longer offer content on their Web sites for free. Content will be accessible only to magazine subscribers and AOL members. Newsstand buyers are granted access to content on the publication’s Web site, but only for the duration of the magazine edition they purchase.

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