Buried in Fortune’s extensive coverage of Apple’s new iTunes Music Store and iPods is an interesting section on a possible Apple partnership with AOL. “How many Windows iPod owners know what they’re missing by not using OS X? Do any of them really care? Perhaps that’s why Jobs is rolling out iTunes for Windows too. In fact, [Warner Music Group CEO] Roger Ames is trying to broker a deal in which AOL would adopt iTunes as its music-management software. ‘Steve was resistant at first,’ Ames says. ‘But now I understand that he’s decided to go that way.’ AOL has been trying to develop its own music store to go along with its subscription service but hasn’t figured out a billing system for individual tracks as Apple has. A deal with AOL would land the iTunes Music Store on the desktops of AOL’s 26 million subscribers. That could quickly make Apple the dominant seller of digital music on the Internet. AOL would neither confirm nor deny a possible deal.”