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Keynote highlight: Flat-panel iMac becomes a reality

Apple CEO Steve Jobs today introduced a “totallyre-designed iMac from the ground up,” which features a 15-inch flat-screen display attached to a hemisphere base by a chrome arm. Three configurations are being offered, with all models featuring 2 FireWire ports, 3 USB ports, AirPort support, nVIDIA GeForce2MX graphics, and a new white-keyed Apple Pro Keyboard and white-colored Pro Mouse.

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Keynote highlight: iPhoto improves digital photography

Apple today released iPhoto, its latest digital hub application designed for saving, organizing, editing, and sharing digital photos. Other features include a streamlined printing interface for maximizing the quality of prints, one-step publishing of online photo albums, and integrated one-click shopping for ordering prints or a professionally crafted photo album.

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