Apple CEO Steve Jobs today introduced a “totallyre-designed iMac from the ground up,” which features a 15-inch flat-screen display attached to a hemisphere base by a chrome arm. Three configurations are being offered, with all models featuring 2 FireWire ports, 3 USB ports, AirPort support, nVIDIA GeForce2MX graphics, and a new white-keyed Apple Pro Keyboard and white-colored Pro Mouse. Also of note, the new iMac uses PC-100 SDRAM—the same as Apple’s PowerBook G4 and iBook.Additional details follow:

  • 700MHz G4, 128MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, CD-RW – US$1,299 (available in March)
  • 700MHz G4, 256MB RAM, 40GB hard drive, DVD/CD-RW, Pro Speakers – $1,499 (available in February)
  • 800MHz G4, 256MB RAM, 60GB hard drive, SuperDrive, Pro Speakers – $1,799 (available in January)