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MacTech Conference 2010 was a tremendous success.

Plans for MacTech Conference 2011 are underway. In the mean time, if you support the home or small business market, see our one-day MacTech Boot Camp event.

If you want to know more about MacTech Conference 2010, you can do a web search, or see the recap article by Rob Griffiths at Macworld.

If you’d like to be on MacTech’s list where we will announce details about MacTech Conference 2011, drop us a note at or follow us at @mactech.

You’re invited to join us for three days of learning beyond the technology. Click here to register.

What is MacTech Conference?

MacTech Conference is a technical conference with one aim:
   to raise the level of knowledge for the entire Apple/Mac community.

When and Where?

MacTech Conference for IT Pros and Apple developers is November 3-5, 2010, in Los Angeles at the Sheraton Universal in Universal City. The three-day, packed event will have sessions and activities throughout the day and evening giving attendees the opportunity to not only learn from the best, but to also get to know others in the industry.

“The whole idea of the MacTech Conference is to allow members of the Apple community to meet and exchange ideas,” said Edward Marczak, Conference Chair and Executive Editor of MacTech Magazine. “This will be spurred on by presentations from some of the best and well-known experts in the community.”

What tracks do you have?

The MacTech Conference will have two separate tracks: one focused on IT, and one focused on programming/development. Sessions will focus on both desktop and mobile, with appropriate levels of attention paid to the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod.

See the speaker list and topics for the world-class people that will be giving presentations, and the topic list for specific sessions.

Who Should Attend?

IT and Developer professionals that focus on the Macintosh and Apple technologies.

Why Should I Attend?

You’re going to leave a better, more connected tech. We want you to learn better ways of working directly from the people that are already putting new tools and practices to work. When you’re ready, go register here.

You’ll be in an immersive environment with your peers and the best talent in the Apple community. MacTech Conference will provide opportunities for structured and unstructured conversations. Think of it as the ultimate hallway session.

Most importantly, before you’re a great Mac tech, you need to be a great tech. The comprehensive list of sessions looks to lay the foundation that taps you into the topics that you need to be a great tech. See the list of topics for more specific information.

By raising your level of knowledge, in turn, you raise up the entire Apple community. As a community, then, great things can be accomplished.

Packed Schedule. Morning ’til Night.

You won’t just be in sessions hearing about great technologies and products. MacTech Conference has a packed evening schedule designed not only to be fun, but also to give you the opportunities to get to know your fellow attendees.

Exclusive Evening at the Griffith Observatory
On the first evening of the conference, we’ll load up in buses for a short ride from Universal City to Griffith Observatory, overlooking the Los Angeles basin and the Hollywood hills. This internationally renowned observatory is one of Los Angeles’ greatest landmarks, featured in hundreds of movies (including Rebel Without a Cause and Charlie’s Angels) and has touched the hearts of millions of visitors through a unique look at the universe.

Attendees will get exclusive time at the Observatory, including planetarium show, a special “behind the scenes” talk on how planetarium animation is created, time to explore the exhibits, not to mention a chance to look through the famous 12 inch Zeiss telescope on the roof (weather permitting).

Conference Party: MacTech Bowl, Games, and More
On the second evening, we’ll take a walk from the hotel down Universal’s CityWalk to Jillian’s. At Jillian’s, we’ll eat and enjoy all that Jillian’s has to offer (food, arcade, billiards and more). During the event, we’ll enjoy the friendly competition of the first MacTech Bowl to raise money for the Griffith Observatory’s “School Field Trip” program to educate local 5th graders. More information about MacTech Bowl.

Not up for bowling? You may instead play billiards, video games, or try your musical hand in our special Guitar Hero room.

Apple Certification Tests Available

Have you been dragging you feet on getting that Apple Certification you’ve always wanted? Well, now’s the time to get it done! Apple Certifications are one of the best ways to prove to your clients or employer that you possess the knowledge & know-how to be considered a guru in your Mac-related field of expertise. You can take any available Apple Certification testing exam on-site at MacTech Conference, immediately after the close of the event. For more information, see our Apple Certification Testing page.

Mac-based Planetary Exploration Rovers!

In the first public display outside a university or research setting, MacTech Conference will have Mac-based planetary exploration rovers and boat controlled by iPod Touch’s on hand. Professor Wolfgang Fink, who came to the University of Arizona from Caltech last year, will be demonstrating the units on the first day of the conference prior to the Conference’s keynote by Andy Ihnatko. See more info at

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)

MacTech Conference will be the first public opportunity to discuss Mac OS X 10.7 (“Lion”), how to take advantage of the new App Store for Mac, and the impacts of Lion’s new features (including Mission Control, Full Screen, Launchpad, Auto save and Apps resume). As the first major industry event after Apple’s announcements, attendees can talk through their options with industry experts and peers, form strategies for adoption and support, and more.

Meals All Included

This is an immersive conference, and as such, the time you spend with peers you know and new people that you meet is as important as the sessions themselves. We’ll be feeding you throughout the event not only to make it all inclusive, but also so that you can maximize your time with other attendees. For more information on meals, special hotel rates and more, see our hotel and travel page.

Space is Limited

We have a limited number of conference attendee spots and hotel rooms available. As a conference with hundreds, not thousands, of people, we want you to have time to get to know people. But, that also means that (like other conferences in the Apple market) if you don’t act fast, you may miss out.

Pricing: Apple Certification Bundle/Options

MacTech Conference is priced economically at $899 including food, a MacTech Magazine subscription, a schedule packed full of sessions, exclusive entertainment, and more.

Register Now. (Space is limited.) Regular registration price is $899. On site registration, in limited quantities will be at $1099.

Don’t wait. Register today by clicking here.

Note: All partial and full student scholarships are available. See student page for more information on education discount for students, faculty and educational institution staff.

Media Outlets are Thoroughly Involved

These great publications and sites will be covering MacTech Conference in a variety of different ways.




The conference will have on-site editorial teams from assorted media outlets, discussion tables with the media at meals, and we’ve already been asked by reporters to do interviews with developers and techs, articles on the conference and more.

Is that it?

There will be a few surprises along the way, too. The most important benefit is that you return to your work energized, with new ideas and new contacts that will let you work smarter, not harder. Register here.

Note: Schedule and details subject to change.