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MacTech Boot Camp is specifically targeted at the issues facing techs supporting home users, small office, and small to medium sized businesses, often referred to as SOHO or SMB markets. MacTech Boot Camp’s sessions cover a variety of topics from those in the know about the following topics: all designed to make Boot Camp attendees more successful in supporting these markets.

See the topics page for a break down by topic. Or, view by session outline here.

Building Your Brand: Marketing and Business Concerns
by Caroline Green and Ivan Drucker,

  • Face to face marketing
  • Your elevator speech
  • Social media marketing
  • Community building
  • Book keeping, accounting, trust and reality
  • Scripting reminders and tasks to automate your business

An Experts Guide to Working with Clients
by Jason Fineberg,

  • Speaking tech, and human at the same time
  • Setting goals, and limits at the same time
  • Communicating rates, rules and expectations up front
  • How to write the proposals efficiently
  • Documenting for customers
  • Working with passwords

Best practices: Hardware, Software and Network Deployment
by Russell Poucher,

  • Installing a new client computer
  • Printers, scanners and peripherals
  • Windows on the Mac
  • iOS devices for individuals in a group
  • Fundamental networking principles
  • Fundamentals of wireless networks
  • Letting the internet access resources
  • Application deployment and updating
  • Centralizing data storage

Troubleshooting Hardware, Software and Network Problems
by C V Rao,

  • Command line and software troubleshooting tools
  • Troubleshooting methodology
  • Printer troubleshooting
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting problems when you don’t know what’s to blame

Integrating Mobility into Small Business
by Russell Poucher,

  • iOS integration on a Mac
  • iOS integration best practices on a PC
  • Common apps your customers want, and you should know
  • iTunes DJ, a gateway to get your customers into iOS
  • iOS as remote control for various devices
  • VPN connections and SSL to secure your communications

Windows Concerns in a Mac Office
by Steve Favarger,

  • Installing Windows on a Mac
  • Dealing with Viruses
  • Integrating a complete PC and Mac Security plan
  • Troubleshooting common problems in Parallels and VMware

Protecting Oneself: Backing up, Archiving and Restoring Data
by Sean Colins,

  • What you need to tell your customers about backup and restores
  • What you need to know about backup and restores
  • Developing a backup strategy
  • Methods with their pro’s and con’s
  • Developing a maintenance strategy for restores
  • Available products, and recommendations
  • Rolling your own scripted backup solutions

How to Make Remote Consulting Work for You
by Sean Costello,

  • Fitting remote consulting into your business plan
  • When to be remote, and when to be onsite
  • Remote consulting tools and technologies
  • Using remote notification to drive repeat business

You Can’t Know Everything: Getting the Support You Need
by Peter Linde,

  • Organizations to join for community and support
  • Where to go to learn
  • Where and why to teach
  • Building a support structure
  • Publications and online resources

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