Apple has launched a new website dubbed “Help me choose” to help folks find the best Mac for them.

Go to the page and you’ll find a list of questions:

° What will you use your Mac for? You can choose from essentials, work, education, or creative hobbies. 

° What are your day-to-day essentials? Choices are Browsing online, social media, emails, video chatting, streaming movies and music.

° What sort of things do you do at work? Choices are creating documents, planning and organizing, design, photography or image editing, and audio production. 

° What do you students involve? Choices are assignments & research, online classes, classmate collaboration, working with creative software, STEM projects, or other.

° How to you get creative outside of work? You can choose from editing photos, creating content, designing/sketching, coding, or making music.

° Where will you use your Mac? Choices are: always in the fixed place, like my desk, or around my home, out and about, on long journeys.

° Will you plug in any of the following: displays, external storage, media equipment, and/or other accessories? 

° What budget do you have in mind: up to $1,000; up to $1,250; up to $2,000; up to $2,500.

On all questions except the final one, you can choose more than  answer.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today