Apple has made a quiet update to the tech specs of the M2 iPad Air, which first launched last month. 

Despite originally touting the iPad Air’s M2 chip as featuring a 10-core GPU, the company now says it features a 9-core GPU, reports 9to5Mac.

Apple hasn’t elaborated on this change at all. Instead, it simply updated the tech specs page for the new M2 iPad Air to reflect the missing GPU core. In a statement provided to 9to5Mac, the tech giant said that the details it shared on the ‌iPad Air‌’s performance were always based on a 9-core GPU.

“We are updating to correct the core count for the M2 iPad Air,” Apple said. “All performance claims for the M2 iPad Air are accurate and based on a 9-core GPU.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today