OpenBase Partners to Deliver Mac OS X Business Solutions

Macworld, New York – July 17th, 2002 – OpenBase International, Ltd.
announces strategic partnerships with leading Mac OS X software developers
to deliver world-class business applications.

Now businesses can purchase ready-to-run solutions that leverage the power
of the OpenBase SQL, the #1 relational database server on Mac OS X, with
leading Mac OS X business applications. With its Xserve installer for easy
integration, OpenBase SQL makes it easy for companies to store corporate
data in a central, secure location on a proven and robust relational

OpenBase Mac OS X solution partners, MacsDesign Studio of Fremont,
California and Marketcircle of Toronto, Canada are embedding the OpenBase
database in their applications. By leveraging the power, scalability and
fault-tolerant data protection of the OpenBase database, they offer
business users high performance they can rely on, along with unmatched
affordability and ease-of-use.

Web Help Desk 6.0 from MacsDesign is a powerful web application for
technical support. It offers an intuitive web interface and powerful
features for end users and support technicians. And it leverages the
OpenBase SQL database to manage clients, assets and job tickets with ease.
Unlike scripted web applications based on technologies such as ASP or PHP,
Web Help Desk uses Java-objects for a rich, extensible and modular,
object-oriented foundation that scripted applications cannot match.

“OpenBase SQL integrates perfectly with the Web Help Desk. It offers
excellent performance, a user-friendly interface, and great management
tools,” says Jonathan Lew, Founder and CEO, MacsDesign Studio. “Our
customers find deploying the Web Help Desk with OpenBase SQL to be very
simple and straightforward. For those moving data from another database to
Web Help Desk, OpenBase SQL data import tools make the job easy. We’re very
pleased with the ease of use and performance of OpenBase SQL, and look
forward to developing additional applications with it.”

Marketcircle embeds the OpenBase SQL database server into the group version
of its DayLite Contact and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
application to ensure robust multi-user performance and fault-tolerant data

“OpenBase SQL gives DayLite users all the power and flexibility of a true
relational database at a very affordable price,” says Alykhan Jetha (AJ),
President and CEO of Marketcircle. “Leveraging the OpenBase database,
DayLite handles a multi-user environment and massive amounts of data,
without compromising performance or data integrity. What’s more, the
scalable high-performance and advanced features of the OpenBase SQL
database give us plenty of opportunity to grow and deliver new capabilities
down the road.”

See how OpenBase and our solutions partners can help you achieve your
business goals faster, more economically, and more simply on the Mac OS X