Fleet, which specializes in open-source device management, has announced its newest feature designed to put an end to the all-too-common disruptions caused by IT notifications and forced restarts, according to CEO Mike McNeil. 

The newly-released “Maintenance windows” feature integrates security patches into the natural flow of the day for both in-office and remote workers, ensuring that critical updates do not interrupt important work, he adds. 

Fleet now analyzes each employee’s calendar and finds the optimal time for updates, so they occur when the user’s computer is free, not in the middle of an important task. McNeil says the auto-scheduled maintenance windows address the common pain points voiced by end users and executives alike, whose days are often derailed by poorly timed IT interventions. 

AI-generated explanations in the calendar events further help users understand why the updates are needed and what they should expect to see happen to their computers.For more information: 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today