A company called Rili.ai has launched a beta version of its AI-powered app for iOS and Android that will purportedly allow you to create and train a digital twin of yourself to communicate with others around the world and in different languages.

Antonio Camacho, Rili co-founder, says users can use the app to cultivate their digital twin, training it with content inover 100 languages to break down communication barriers and foster worldwide friendships. He adds that it’s designed for people “looking to expand their knowledge, gain insights and information from other people, or delve deeper into meaningful conversations with other users.”

“Rili can also be useful in your offline life: train your Rili to answer for you when you are off work with the accuracy of yourself and your ideas, being productive even when you can’t be present,” Camacho says. 

To train their Rili, users answer questions via text or speaking into their mobile phone microphones. Rili learns the topics the user is passionate about and asks probing questions to get a deep understanding of the user’s expertise. Then, any other user can have in depth AI-powered conversations with your digital twin about the things that are important to you, Camacho says.  

The Rili beta version is live for anyone interested in joining the community. Users can sign up for the waiting list by visiting the Rili website, and will be notified once they’re accepted into the beta.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today