The gang at Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) have continued their analysis of iPhone buyers that switch from an Android phone. 

Previously they looked at the percentage of iPhone buyers who switched from an Android phone and their demographics. CIRP found that a small but consistent share of iPhone buyers do switch from Android phones, and these customers tend to be more male and have lower incomes than existing iPhone owners.

As to which iPhone models Android switchers buy, they often start with lower-cost legacy iPhone models. A surprising share, though, start with the Pro and Pro Max models. 

Overall, Android switchers, who represent 10-15% of iPhone buyers in a given quarter, tend to buy older and thus less-expensive models. In the 12 months ended December 2023, 29% of Android switchers bought the legacy SE, 12, or 13 models, where the 13 included the base and mini models. In comparison, 21% of upgrading iPhone owners bought one of those models, according to CIRP.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today