SIMO, which specializes in mobile connectivity solutions, has launched its latest product, the Solis Tag, a compact 4G LTE USB adapter designed to provide Internet access to iPads, Microsoft Surface, laptops, and select Android tablets in areas without Wi-Fi coverage.

According to SIMO exec Eric Plan, key features are:

  • Reliable Multi-Carrier Network: With SIMO’s coverage for the Solis Tag spanning 135+ countries, Solis Tag ensures uninterrupted connectivity by automatically switching to the best 4G carrier available, regardless of location.
  • Compact and Portable Design: Solis Tag is designed for ultimate portability, offering a hassle-free solution for staying connected while on the move.
  • No SIM Card or Contracts: SIMO customers can enjoy the benefits of Solis Tag without the hassle of SIM cards or contractual obligations, offering the same flexibility and convenience as SIMO’s other Solis products.
  • No Charging Required: Solis Tag operates via USB cable, without the need for charging, providing continuous internet access without interruption.
  • Plug & Play: Simply attach Solis Tag without needing to install additional drivers, software, or applications. Connects to the Internet within minutes.

For some reason, you’ll have to contact SIMO for more info and pricing options. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today