Cypher 007, the action-adventure game from global publisher Tilting Point and developer Pixelbite, in collaboration  with Amazon MGM Studios  and EON Productions, has a new update for all players on Apple Arcade. 

Players may complete all-new challenges in Challenge Mode to earn rewards along with unlocking the new Desert outfit, inspired by James Bond’s look in “Quantum of Solace.” The Cypher 007 update includes the following features:

  • Players may unlock a special desert outfit, inspired by James Bond’s look in Quantum of Solace
  • Completing missions in Challenge Mode rewards players with Fabric to purchase Outfits
  • Challenges include:
    • Completing a mission without any weapons, gadgets, or suit linings/ without the minimap, enemy view cones, or noise visualizer
    • Completing a mission under a timer
    • Completing a mission after finding the 5 hidden SPECTRE rings
    • Completing a mission without alerting enemies or security cameras
    • Completing a mission without taking any damage
    • Completing a mission with limited supply of ammunition

The Cypher 007 1.2 update also adds a new chapter, featuring 5 brand-new levels, characters, and content inspired by “The Spy Who Loved Me.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today