With holiday lights and Christmas trees popping up everywhere, it can only mean one thing – Santa will be on the way soon. What would a modern version of Santa’s sleigh look like designed by the world’s most iconic brands? The team at Velotric used AI to imagine just that. 

Here are some modern-day sleigh visualizations:

  • Apple: The iSleigh boasts minimalist curves with a touch-sensitive dashboard and Siri as co-pilot.
  • Nintendo: With dozens of festive power-ups, this sleigh delivers gifts faster than you can say “Rainbow Road.”
  • Google: This sleigh combines a whimsical design with the functionality of built-in Google Maps and an app for Santa’s List
  • Amazon Small and zippy, Amazon’s sleigh comes with delivery drones and Prime-speed deliveries for last-minute wishes

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today