Paradigma Software ( has updated its
Valentina database technology to version 4.0. The company also
announced addition of several new products to the Valentina DB
product line, including advanced reporting capabilities and new
connectivity with the iPhone. Version 4.0 also introduces a new
project file format for storing databases.

An addition to the Valentina DB product line is Valentina Reports and
Valentina Reporting Services. Valentina Reports is a report creation
and generation engine that drops right into the Valentina DB kernel.
Because it interfaces directly with the Valentina DB kernel, it’s
possible to dynamically generate reports from any Valentina DB ADK or
from any Valentina Server product.

Valentina Reports is an optional add-on for Valentina ADK and
Valentina Developer Network products. Unlimited Report deployment is
available starting at US$200.

Valentina developer and business products support Mac OS X, Windows
and Linux (SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Fedora Core and Ubuntu).
Developers’ solutions for integrating Valentina begin at US$199 with
support for every major development system on Mac OS X, Windows and
Linux: Apple xCode (Cocoa and C++), Visual Basic, C/C++, Ruby (and
Ruby on Rails), PHP, Adobe Director, REAL Software REALbasic, Runtime
Revolution, .net and any tool that supports COM.

Valentina Developer Network Platform Edition lets developers deploy
unlimited, royalty free copies of Valentina Embedded Server on Mac OS
X, Windows and Linux. VDN Platform Edition costs $599, with discounts
for customers who upgrade from another solution.