Proton Pass subscriptions now include the Proton Sentinel high-security program that has reportedly already blocked over 3,000 account takeover attacks since it was introduced it in August.  

Proton Pass uses end-to-end encryption on all your data by default, meaning that if Proton itself is breached, your passwords and other metadata will remain securely encrypted, according to the folks at Proton. And now, Proton Pass also offers protection against the number one threat to your passwords:being fooled by fraudsters. 

According to the folks at Proton, Proton Sentinel provides an effective defense against these types of social engineering attacks, which accounted for 92% of successful cyberattacks on individuals according to a report by Positive Technologies. In these successful attacks, hackers stole individuals’ login credentials 36% of the time, making them the most common target. 

Proton Sentinel is designed to help you prevent an attacker from getting access to your data even if they have successfully stolen your Proton Account username and password. It combines artificial intelligence monitoring with human expertise to detect, identify, and challenge any

The Proton Sentinel program may not be necessary for everyone. It was originally designed to protect high-profile members of the Proton community who may be at greater risk of cyberattacks, such as politicians, executives, journalists, activists, etc. But if you feel you’re at risk — or simply want the heightened security Proton Sentinel provides — you can activate Proton Sentinel by logging in to your account at, going to Security and Privacy, and clicking the toggle switch next to Enable Proton Sentinel to turn it on.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today