Let the Apple Car rumors roll on. Apple has been granted a patent (number US 11828339 B1) for a “Vibration Control System” for a vehicle.

About the patent

The patent involves a vibration control system for reducing unwanted vibration effects in an Apple Car. The goal is, obviously, to make rides in the vehicle as comfortable as possible.

Summary of the patent

Here’s Apple’s abstract of the patent: “An apparatus includes a retainer, a rotational portion that is connected to the retainer so that it is able to rotate with respect to the retainer on a rotation axis, a rotor that is connected to the rotational portion for rotation in unison with the rotational portion, and a caliper assembly that is connected to the retainer so that the caliper assembly is able to move according to a line of action. 

“The apparatus also includes a damper assembly that is connected to the retainer and is connected to the caliper assembly to regulate movement of the caliper assembly with respect to the retainer along the line of action, wherein the caliper assembly and the damper assembly cooperate to define a mass damper system that damps vibration of the rotational portion.”

When might we see an Apple Car?

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple’s work on the Apple Car has “lost all visibility at the current time. He adds that if Apple does not adopt some kind of acquisition strategy to make inroads in the automotive market, it is unlikely that the ‌Apple Car‌ will be able to go into mass production “within the next few years.”

On. Nov. 18, 2021, Bloomberg reported that Apple was accelerating development on its “Apple Car.” The article said that the electric vehicle will be self-driving and could roll out in 2025. 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today