Taqtile, which specializes in spatial computing technologies and augmented reality (AR)-based work-instruction solutions, says it’s improved the usability of its Manifest Maker app for the iPad by making it faster and easier for companies to access and leverage existing assets into digital work instructions. 

The app is designed to capture the undocumented knowledge of experts and quickly and allow users to create digital, step-by-step work procedures. Manifest Maker will now allow users to create and access a central library of assets – corporate or operational documents such as photos, videos, PDF manuals, and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) – from within the free app. 

Users can also access media and files from OneDrive accounts directly within Maker, incorporating these assets into step-by-step guides that can be stored and organized in the media library. You can download Manifest Maker at the App Store.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today