Over the past five years, Apple has deepened its investments in the U.K., inaugurating a new U.K. headquarters and a new Apple Store at London’s Battersea Power Station to better serve customers, creating new opportunities for developers and expanding its work with suppliers large and small, the tech giant says in a press release

Including Apple’s spend with U.K. suppliers, the thriving iOS app economy, and direct employment, the company now supports more than 550,000 jobs across the country. Battersea Power Station will accommodate Apple’s growing team, which now totals nearly 8,000 employees across the country. 

Apple has growing corporate offices in St. Albans and Swindon, along with a brand-new office in Cambridge, where several hundred team members are working on technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and silicon.

Apple says its spending with businesses large and small across the U.K. helps support jobs across a variety of industries. In the past five years, the company has spent nearly £16 billion with hundreds of companies of all sizes in the country — more than doubling its annual spend since 2019.

Apple’s growing investments in the U.K. include expanded Apple TV+ production, which creates jobs in the creative industry, and provides a platform for new and emerging local talent to showcase their work to a global audience. Apple TV+ not only supports jobs for cast and crew, but also contracts with hundreds of suppliers across business sectors — from construction and manufacturing to hospitality and technical services.

The U.K. has the largest developer community in Europe, and the thriving iOS app economy now supports over half a million jobs — up nearly 70% since 2019. Since Apple launched the App Store, developers in the U.K. have earned nearly £7.5 billion from their apps selling digital goods and services to customers around the world.

When it comes to education, through its Community Education Initiative, Apple provides free coding and creativity resources, and cutting-edge classroom technology — partnering with organizations to reach young people across the U.K. 

Apple says it’s also committed to supporting the communities in which its employees live and work, including the community around Battersea Power Station. Through its Strengthen Local Communities program, the company provides grants and support to local organizations “doing the vital work of keeping the community thriving and healthy.”

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today