Apple has filed for a patent (number US 20230274076 A1) for “Intelligent Insert Window Placement in Content” for Mac, iPad, and iPhone screens. 

We’re not talking about physical windows, but easier ways and manipulate to make supplemental images for displayed content in presentations. In the patent filing Apple notes that an electronic device, such as a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, may include software that provides digital content. From time to time, it may be useful to provide supplemental content. Such supplemental content may be provided in an inset window. Apple says that, unfortunately, providing supplemental content in an inset window often requires significant manual manipulation to find an ideal placement of the inset window. 

Apple wants to offer new techniques to automatically create an ideal presentation via an inset window. Adaptations of the adaptive inset window may include specifying an activation status, size, shape, and/or location of an adaptive inset window to be presented in the primary content. The adaptation may be defined based upon a prominent region identified based upon object within the primary content.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today