Hurricane Idalia has hit the Florida coast, and Apple Stores are closed in preparation, reports AppleInsider.

Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about Apple Store closures related to Hurricane Idalia. However, AppleInsider notes that closure information can be found on individual Apple Store pages on Apple’s website.

According to CNN, the center of Hurricane Idalia has slammed Florida’s Gulf Coast at dangerous Category 3 strength, “inflicting deadly storm surge and catastrophic winds not seen in this region in 125 years while promising untold devastation far beyond the landfall zone.” It’s the third hurricane to make landfall in Florida in the last 12 months, following Ian last September and Nicole in October.

Residents have been urged to flee and the National Guard prepped for rescues as “extremely dangerous” Idalia took aim with once-in-a-lifetime damaging winds and a life-threatening storm surge of up to 16 feet, the National Hurricane Center said.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today