Cybersecurity company Surfshark has released a new tool – Alternative ID, which provides users with an alternative identity and email address to use online while keeping their true identity concealed. 

Alternative ID can be used when signing up for newsletters or online services that have vague privacy protection practices. Sarunas Sereika, product manager at Surfshark, says the tool can help users enhance the privacy of their personal data online, avoid spam, and prevent their data from being sold to data brokers or stolen by malicious actors.

When setting up Alternative ID, users can enter their preferred gender, birth date, and country, and Surfshark will generate a unique persona and email address to use online. However, Sarunas Sereika adds that “Alternative ID is not meant to be used with official and trustworthy establishments, such as governmental institutions or banks that require your real details. It is meant to be used on websites that are used only once or very rarely and that have vague privacy protection practices. It can also be used when signing up for newsletters, online shops, or when listing items online where your email might be exposed to strangers.”

Surfshark develops a link between the alternative email and the user’s real email address and forwards the emails to the user’s real email address. However, the alternative email can be deleted at any time, and a new one can be generated. There are other companies on the market offering similar solutions. 

“What sets us apart from many other service providers is our dedication to prioritizing credibility, transparent privacy policies, and ensuring a safe and reliable experience for our users. Furthermore, we provide a flexible option that allows you to enjoy our services for as long as you desire,” says Sereika.

To set up Alternative ID, users should log into their Surfshark One or Surfshark One+ account, select Alternative ID on, provide the preferences for their online persona, and start using it. For more information on Surfshark’s Alternative ID, please visit the link:

Also note that Alternative ID is currently launched in a beta version. The full version of Alternative ID is in the works.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today