Encrouter, which makes one of the world’s first home Wi-Fi 6 routers that comes with built-in VPN protection, has released a product and app update with some new features and improvements. 

Designed in Sweden, Encrouter smart VPN router offers its own VPN service. The product update includes new features such as multiple router support, integrated speedtest and better control over your Wi-Fi settings, as well as a new server location – Hong Kong – and more. 

According to the folks at Encrouter, key features of the router include: 

  • VPN Coverage for any connected home device;
  • A fast Wi-Fi 6 connection with or without VPN;
  • The ability to connect 100+ devices;
  • A one-year Encrouter unlimited VPN subscription;
  • Dedicated VPN servers in 25 locations worldwide
  • iOS and Android mobile control apps.

A built-in VPN router eliminates the need of installing VPN on each device separately. The  Encrouter router is available in the USA, Canada, and across Europe at Amazon.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today