Today Jamf, which specializes in managing and securing Apple devices at work, held a special Jamf Event to showcase a number of new offerings it has developed to help organizations deliver an enterprise-secure, consumer-simple environment that protects personal privacy. 

According to CEO Dean Hager, here’s what was announced: 

° Jamf Connect now includes zero trust network access capabilities, including auto- activation after setup – This addition helps organizations deliver a complete, user-first identity and access management solution for its devices by enabling remote access from anywhere, while eliminating all of the friction and frustration associated with traditional VPN.

° Continued momentum to deliver the future of identity on Apple devices with strategic partner Okta – With Apple’s Platform Single Sign-On, Jamf and Okta together deliver best-in-class Identity security for macOS devices. Platform SSO enables Okta password sync which activates Okta Verify and Okta FastPass on the device, while Jamf Connect delivers secure provisioning of local macOS user accounts using Okta credentials. 

With Enrollment Single Sign-on, Jamf takes a major step forward to simplify the account-driven user enrollment on-boarding process while dramatically enhancing login security on BYO devices. This means after enrollment, users are able to enjoy fast and secure logins using FaceID or TouchID to all of their company apps on their personally owned device using Okta. 

° General availability of Employee Badge with Jamf Trust – At JNUC, Jamfdemoed and unveiled a partnership with SwiftConnectthat places digital employee badges in digital wallets making poorly secured, easily misplaced physical access cards a thing of the past. Jamf support for Employee Badge with Jamf Trust, powered by SwiftConnect, is available today for iOS and coming soon for Android. 

° Updates to ensure full protection against malware and user-initiated attacks
Last fall, Jamf brought a major advancement to macOS endpoint visibility with the addition of telemetry to Jamf Protect. This enhanced visibility helps organizations achieve compliance and investigate any issues that may arise. Earlier this year, Jamf also expanded Jamf Protect to include mobile threat defense capabilities. According to Jamf,  in 2022, 31% of organizations had at least one user fall victim to a phishing attack.

° New conditional access controls with three of the industry’s largest providers: Microsoft, Google and Amazon

°  Seamless platform integration for real-time access policies.

° New updates to help IT manage organizational fleets efficiently. For example, Jamf Remote Assist, coming this summer, will allow admins to initiate a secure, remote desktop session directly in the Jamf Pro UI, regardless of where users are working, simplifying admin workflows and supporting a better remote and hybrid work experience for end users. 

° A new automated solution to create and manage unique local administrator passwords per each managed Mac with Jamf Pro – With the increasing risk of unauthorized access to sensitive data or systems, having unique local administrator passwords for each device is crucial to improving overall security if and when local account credentials are needed. 

Now, the password of a managed administrator account can be randomized at the time of enrollment. This automated approach allows organizations to maintain operational security, comply with regulations, and improve efficiency when working with an IT-managed administrator account. 

° Updates to App Installers for better app safety – Jamf launched end-user notifications, allowing IT to notify users when an update is available for a software title deployed using App Installers. And coming this summer, Jamf Pro will offer the option to distribute App Installer titles via Self Service and allow users to install whenever they are ready. Once a user installs the application, App Installers will continue to keep that app title automatically up-to-date with the latest software version.

° Empowering dynamic student learning while keeping them safe.
Jamf has launched Jamf Safe Internet, the best in class web content-filtering and threat prevention solution that is tailor-made for education, in 2022. Jamf Safe Internet has been adopted and leveraged by more than 400 schools as of December 31, 2022 to ensure students stay safe and focused on the tasks at hand. Earlier this year, Jamf Safe Internet became available for Chromebook. Today, Jamf announced: 

On-device web content filtering, built for Apple, is now part of Jamf Safe Internet – Jamf continues to build privacy protections by adding on-device web content filtering specifically built for Apple.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today