Apple device security and management company Jamf has released research detailing the ongoing use of sophisticated spyware on multiple mobile devices.

In the research, Jamf breaks down two investigations conducted by Jamf Threat Labs. The first investigation revealed that an iPhone 12 Pro Max belonging to a human rights activist in the Middle East was infected with Pegasus spyware. Analyzing this device with proven compromise status allowed Jamf Threat Labs to build a more robust profile on Pegasus than they’ve ever had before, says Jamf.

The second investigation into an iPhone 6s belonging to a Hungarian journalist led to Jamf Threat Labs discovering a new indicator of an active spyware campaign and revealed that older devices are continuing to be targeted. This attack proves that malicious threat actors will exploit any vulnerabilities in an organization’s infrastructure they can get their hands on, according to Jamf Threat Labs.

Jamf’s latest research also includes recommendations on how to stay insulated from spyware attacks, including updating and patching devices, implementing security monitoring processes, educating high-risk users about the symptoms of spyware and more. You can see the full report here.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today