Apple Books has launched a new “vertical reading manga” page and a domestic exclusive distribution series of popular genres in Japan. Vertical reading manga is a popular content type produced specifically for digital media, and it is optimized to scroll vertically and read smoothly, and breathes life in full color to characters who attract people.

Japanese customers can access the “Vertical Reading Manga” page from the “Manga Store” tab of the Apple Books application on iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

“The popularity of vertical reading manga in Japan is increasing. Japanese customers are already enjoying books, audiobooks, and manga at Apple Books, and we are happy to be able to provide a more fulfilling entertainment experience with the newly added “Vertical Reading Manga” page. “I will,” says Hiroshi Hattori, who is in charge of the service department in Japan.

Apple Books specializes in vertical reading manga content, and 180 creators produce nearly 100 vertical reading manga series every year, produced by KENAZ, a Korean-based studio. We will exclusively distribute the selection of Zu in Japan. 

In addition to popular series such as love/romance, fantasy, and action, Apple Books offers a wide range of genres such as mystery, horror, different world, and science fiction, and customers have exclusive domestic distribution series. 

You can read the first 5 episodes for free, and the first 3 episodes for free in series other than domestic exclusive distribution. In addition, new episodes will be added every day from the series being serialized. 

Domestic exclusive distribution series include “Ingram’s Light”, “Occult Detective Nicki-“, “Kung Fu Company”, “NEVE – Dirty Snow that Never Melts” “Cap There are “Ten Eve -Captain Eve-” and so on, and it’s 50 yen per episode. The new vertical reading manga series will be added in the future, so customers can always meet new works.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today