Apple has significantly increased its production of iPhones in India, accounting for almost 7% of its total iPhone production, up from 1% in 2021, Bloomberg News reports.

The tech giant assembled more than $7 billion worth of its smartphones in the country in the last fiscal year, the report said.

Here’s some insight from Foreign Policy: India, with its abundance of engineering talent, relatively cheap labor, and one of the biggest markets in the world, presents many of the characteristics that made China such an attractive bet to Apple in the first place. The South Asian country may also provide a more stable geopolitical climate for Apple than China, thanks to New Delhi’s deepening partnership with Washington and its fundamentally democratic structure, despite India’s past fetish with protectionism, stringent labor laws, and the Indian government’s sometimes tense relationship with American tech firms

Along the same lines, Apple has talked to Indian officials about locating some iPad manufacturing in the country as U.S.-Chinese relations sour and China’s COVID crackdowns snarl supply chains, CNBC reported last December.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today