According to new data presented by the Atlas VPN team, Google, Fedora Project, and Microsoft products had the most vulnerabilities in 2022. 

Apple products had 456 vulnerabilities with the tech giant ranking sixth on the list. Looking into the specific products, security researchers found the most exploits in Fedora, Android, and Windows operating systems.

By the way, the Fedora Project is an independent project to co-ordinate the development of Fedora Linux, a Linux-based operating system, operating with the vision of “a world where everyone benefits from free and open source software built by inclusive, welcoming, and open-minded communities.”

The statistics are based on the CVE Details security vulnerability database, which has records of exploits since 1999. Here are some key statistics about Apple product vulnerabilities:

  • Apple had 456 exploits in their products, one of which, macOS, had 379 vulnerabilities in 2022.
  • iPhone OS had 242 vulnerabilities in 2022.
  • Apple product vulnerabilities rated 9+ by CVSS account for 17% of all vulnerabilities (all time).
  • The number of Apple vulnerabilities in 2022 has fallen by 23% compared to 2021.

Google products had 1372 exploits in 2022, the most of all vendors. The Android operating system had 897 vulnerabilities, which was the most of all Google products. In addition, security researchers found 283 exploits in the Chrome browser, but it did not make our top 10 list of products.

Severity of vulnerabilities

Atlas VPN’s Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) assesses the severity of vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. It assigns them a numerical score based on a set of criteria such as exploitability, impact, and complexity. To wit:

° Over a fifth (23%) of vulnerabilities found in Microsoft products are rated 9+. In addition, 20% of exploits are given a score of 7-8.

° Apple product exploits with a score of 9+ account for 17% of all vulnerabilities. In addition, 26% of vulnerabilities are rated 6-7.

° Google occupies the third spot on the list regarding severe exploits valued at 9+. They constitute 14% of all vulnerabilities.

° Only 2% of vulnerabilities are scored as the most severe in the Fedora Project, while those rated 6-7 make up 21% of all exploits.

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Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today