Apple Podcasts, which was in second-place last year, moved up to #1 spot this year on the Podnews Report Card, a survey that gives information and sentiment from podcast creators and listeners about the podcast platforms that they use.

Podnews promoted the survey repeatedly to more than 26,000 subscribers during the month of February 2023. The publication asked a number of questions about individual platforms (you could vote for other platforms too), requesting scores and comments. The same questions this year were used last year for some platforms – Ponders added YouTube and Amazon this year – so that we could track progress.

More than 135 different podcast creators took part this year, which was more than last year. The final “overall” category, which asks podcast publishers their “overall impression” of these services, shows the success of Apple this year (scores out of 5):

° Apple Podcasts: 3.6 (up from 3.2) 

° Spotify: 3.2 (up from 3.0) 

° YouTube: 2.7 

° Amazon Music: 2.5 

° Google Podcasts: 2.0 (down from 2.6) 

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today