Who loves ya, baby? I do, and that’s why that annoying ad that kept popping up on the left hand side of the page is gone. 

I don’t sell ads directly (I’m terrible at it), so work with ad agencies to post ads and banners. This leaves me free to write and edit articles, which is what I love doing. 

Not sure how that left-sided ad started popping up, but both readers and I found it annoying. So now it’s gone. Yes, it will cost me some ad revenue, but the aesthetics of the web site are more important to me than ad sales.

Well, up to a point. Hey, I’ve gotta make a living. But if I ever inherit a fortune, I’ll run AWT for free!

I don’t have any rich relatives. But if you’ve got a fortune you’re ready to give away, I’m your man!

Help a buddy out

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Have a great weekend.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today