I’ve previously reviewed the Zip iPhone Holster; however, it’s just one of two new cases WaterField Design has introduced for the iPhone 14 line-up. The second is the Finn iPhone Holster Wallet

It’s about 10 bucks less than the Zip iPhone Holster. Designed to be worn horizontally rather the vertically, it rides a little easier on the hip than the Zip. However, both cases will be too bulky for many folks.

It’s available in full-grain leather or rugged ballistic nylon and closes with YKK waterproof zippers. The Finn iPhone Holster serves as both an iPhone case and a wallet for holding a phone, cash, and cards. It can worn on the hip (which I prefer) or attached to a bag strap (which, to me, would make it easy for a thief to snatch the case and its valuable contents).

The Finn is spacious. It can hold up to 20 credit/debit/driver’s license cards along with cash. Its double functionality kinda makes up for the bulk. However, it stays closed due to a magnet system. The magnets are strong, but if you flex your hip just right, they pop loose. That’s not good, so make sure the Finn is situated on your belt, so this can be avoided (as much as possible).

I said the Finn rides a bit easier on the hip than the Zip, but it’s still a big ‘ol case. The one for my iPhone 14 Pro Max measures 7.5 x 0.75 x 4.25 inches and weighs 4.2 ounces. (Versions for smaller iPhones are, of course, smaller).

The Finn iPhone Holster Wallet costs US$89 for the black ballistic nylon model and $99 for the premium full-grain leather version. It fits the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro (“naked” or within an Apple case), iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max (naked or within an Apple Case) or the iPhone Pro (within a bulky drop-proof case).

Review overview

The Pros

  • Doubles as a wallet case
  • nice horizontal design
  • rugged

The Cons

  • Is too big for some folks
  • connecting magnets easily unsnap


7.6Like the Zip, the Finn iPhone Holster is especially good for contractors, field technicians, or adventure seekers looking to free up their pants pockets with a more comfortable and secure way to carry their iPhone 14 and wallet.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today