The iPhone 14 and Apple’s other 5G products can now be sold in Colombia as appeals court lifts Ericsson’s preliminary injunction over standard-essential patent, reports FOSS Patents.

In July 5G iPhones and iPads were banned in Colombia after a court granted Ericsson a preliminary injunction over a standard-essential patent. Apple claimed this was a violation of human rights. 

On Tuesday, an appeals court lifted the preliminary and Apple is now–until another injunction comes down, such as after a full trial–again able to sell 5G-compatible devices in Colombia, a market in which Apple generates only about 0.2% of its worldwide sales, notes FOSS Patents. The Sala Civil del Tribunal Superior del Distrito Judicial de Bogotá D.C., (Superior Court for the Judicial District, Civil Law Division) decided to vacate the injunction and to deny the “preliminary relief requested by Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson,” the article ads. 

When it comes to the US, in October 2021, Ericsson brought a FRAND (not infringement) complaint against Apple in the Eastern District of Texas, with a license agreement still in force until the end of the year. In return Apple brought two motions in the Eastern District of Texas: a motion to dismiss Ericsson’s complaint, and an unopposed motion to seal the former, as it contains “sensitive information relating to business operations, including information regarding license agreements.”

Ericsson has also taken its legal battle against Apple overseas. The company has filed patent infringement complaints in the UK with the with the High Court of Justice for England & Wales.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today