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If you’re a country music fan (and I am, though I like almost all genres of music), you should check out an artist who’s never received the fame he deserves: Wade Bowen. He’s a singer/songwriter from Texas, where he has quite a dedicated following.

Bowen was a member of the band West 84 with friend Matt Miller until 2001 when the group became known as Wade Bowen and West 84.  He released his first album in 2002, Try Not To Listen, which became a regional hit in Texas.

Bowen released his first live album in 2003, recorded live at The Blue Light in Lubbock, Texas, followed by studio albums Lost Hotel in 2006 and If We Ever Make It Home in 2008.On November 21, 2009, Bowen recorded his second live album at Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth.

Bowen released his fourth studio album, The Given, in 2010.[1] It was his first on a major label, Sony imprint BNA Records, though he returned to releasing music independently after BNA closed.[1] He released a self-titled studio album in 2014, followed by a duets album in 2015 with singer Randy Rogers of the Randy Rogers Band, titled Hold My Beer Vol. 1.[

Bowen’s next album was Then Sings My Soul: Songs for My Mother, a solo gospel influenced studio release. He has released three more albums: Watch This, with Randy Rogers; Solid Ground, released in 2018; and a follow up to Hold My Beer Vol. 1, Hold My Beer Vol. 2 with Randy Rogers.

His latest album is “Somewhere Between the Secret and the Truth.” All Bowen’s albums are available for purchase at iTunes or for streaming at Apple Music. Check out his work, particularly some fantastic songs such as “Death, Dyin’, and Deviled Eggs,” “You Had Me at My Best,” “Everything Has Your Memory,” “Phones Don’t Work,” as well as his hilarious duet with Rogers, “Rodeo Clown” (which was written by Chris DuBois and David Lee).

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