Shell cases are great for keeping the exterior of your MacBook Pro scratch-free. Satechi’s debut laptop case design – the Eco-HardShell Case for MacBook Pro – does this while adding a minimum of extra bulk, though it does hide some of the laptop’s iconic design.

Available for the 2021 MacBook Pro in both 14- and 16-inch sizes, the lightweight case is equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint treatments. It fits snugly on the Apple laptops, eliminating unnecessary wiggle room. 

Satechi designed the new case exclusively for the MacBook Pro 14- and 16-inch so its cutouts line up well for easy access to the laptops’ ports. What’s more, the case also features anti-slip padding and slots for proper air ventilation that are aligned with the MacBook Pros’ vents.

What’s more, the Eco-HardShell Case’s design makes makes it easy to snap on and off. Before installing the case/shell, you should thoroughly clean the exterior of the MacBook Pro. Once it’s smudge and fingerprint-free, install the Satechi case.

The Eco-Hardshell is semi-transparent, so the beauty of the MacBook Pro sorta shines through even while being protected. However, things such as the Apple logo appear a bit diffused, so if you want the classy design of your MacBook Pro to be displayed for all the world to see, this case may not be for you.

Satechi’s Eco-HardShell Case for MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch is available now on for US$44.99. 

Review overview


The Pros

  • Reasonably protective
  • well-designed cutouts
  • fingerprint resistant

The Cons

  • Hides some of the MacBook Pro’s iconic look


8.4Whether using for a home office setup or while on-the-go, Satechi’s new laptop case protects the priceyMacBook Pro.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today