Miroir has released its latest portable projector technology – the Miroir Ultra Pro Projector M631. Designed for use with the iPhone, iPad, MacBook and Apple TV, the Ultra Pro provides HD-quality viewing of content for all Apple devices and any HDMI output device.

“Apple devices make up a significant portion of the market for portable business and entertainment peripherals like Miroir projectors,” says Richard Erickson, principal for Miroir USA. “With the Miroir Ultra Pro, HD video projection is possible anywhere, whether it’s a business setting or a slumber party.”

Weighing less than two pounds, Miroir Ultra Pro features cutting-edge visual technology with improved resolution, motorized focus and auto keystone (+/- 30 degrees), and a long-lasting LED light source that provides a crisp cinematic view from any Apple device. The handheld projector also features a lithium ion battery that provides approximately two hours of unplugged projecting time and a USB port that can charge an iPhone or iPad.

This model is a major upgrade from previous iterations, expanding the maximum screen size by 20 inches for a viewable screen size from 20 to 120 inches. The user also has improved flexibility with the Miroir Ultra Pro to either stream in privacy or create an incredible home theater experience by upping its capabilities from 720p native resolution to 1080p, with a maximum input of 4K via HDMI or USB – C connection.

The Miroir Ultra Pro Projector M631 is available now at apple.com and select Apple stores for $649.95.