I’m very skeptical, but I REALLY hope this rumor is true. As noted by AppleInsider, leaker Majin Bu claims Apple is working on a version of macOS exclusively for the M2 iPad Pro.

He says it will be a “smaller” version of the operating system and arrive in2023. According to Bu, testing is being done with a 25% larger macOS UI so it is suitable for touch. However, apps run on the product would still be iPad-optimized versions, not macOS ones.

However, as AppleInsider points out, “it isn’t clear why Apple would move the iPad to a macOS interface in a half-step like this.” If the tech giant is planning on bringing macOS to the iPad Pro, let’s have the real deal. Go big or go home.

As I’ve said before, I use my iPad Pro for so much that being able to use it as a secondary Mac while traveling would be fantastic. However, until Apple works out the multitasking issues or else brings macOS to the iPad Pro, that’s still not feasible for me.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today