The iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best smartphone display you can get, according to DisplayMate’s annual Display Technology Shoot-Out. Here’s a summary of the report’s “state-of-the-art display performance functions and features” of the Apple smartphone:

· A state-of-the-art OLED display that is manufactured on a flexible plastic substrate. While the OLED display itself is flexible, the screen remains rigid under an outer hard Ceramic Shield cover glass.

· A Full Screen design with a large 6.7 inch OLED display that fills almost the entire front face of the iPhone 14 Pro Max from edge-to-edge, providing a significantly larger display for the same phone size.

· A display form factor with a taller height to width Aspect Ratio of 19.5 : 9 = 2.17, which is 22% larger than the 16 : 9 = 1.78 on most Smartphones (and widescreen TVs) because the display now has the same overall shape as the entire phone. It is taller in Portrait mode and wider in Landscape mode.

· A 2.8K High Resolution 2796 x 1290 Full HD+ Display with 460 pixels per inch, and Diamond Pixels with Sub-Pixel Rendering for enhanced sharpness and higher Peak Brightness.

· The iPhone 14 Pro Max display appears Perfectly Sharp for normal 20/20 Vision at Typical Smartphone Viewing Distances of 12 to 18 inches (30 to 46 cm).

· ProMotion dynamically adapts the Display Refresh Rate between 10 Hz to 120 Hz based on the changing image content in order to optimize the screen response time and power efficiency.

·A Dynamic Island centered over the Sensor Area at the top of the Screen dynamically changes in size to include timely information from the running Apps.

·An Always-On Display Mode that keeps the display On with essential information when the iPhone is in Standby. The Low 1 Hz Refresh Rate reduces the display power together with Auto Brightness and an efficient display coprocessor.

· A Full Screen Brightness of 1,026 nits for 100% APL in High Ambient Light, which improves screen visibility in high Ambient Light.

· A High Brightness Mode with a Very High Peak Brightness of 2,307 nits for Low APL in very high Ambient Light.

· Each iPhone 14 Pro Max display is individually calibrated at the factory for both Color Accuracy and Contrast Accuracy.

· Very High Absolute Color Accuracy of 0.5 JNCD.

· Color Accuracy and Intensity Scales that are Independent of the Image Content APL.

· Automatic Color Management that automatically switches to the proper Color Gamut for any displayed image content within the Wide DCI-P3 Color Space that has an ICC Profile, so images automatically appear with the correct colors, neither being over-saturated or under-saturated.

· 2 Industry Standard Color Gamuts: the sRGB / Rec.709 Color Gamut that is used for most current consumer content, and the new Wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut that is used in 4K Ultra HD TVs. The DCI-P3 Gamut is 26 percent larger than the sRGB / Rec.709 Gamut.

· A Full 100% DCI-P3 Color Gamut that is also used for 4K Ultra HD TVs, so the iPhone 14 Pro Max can display the latest high-end 4K video content.

· A High Dynamic Range Mobile HDR Display which allows the iPhone 14 Pro Max to play 4K High Dynamic Range content produced for 4K UHD TVs. The HDR Peak Brightness is 1,590 nits.

· Very Low Screen Reflectance of 4.5 percent.

· A Night Shift Mode that allows the user to adjust and reduce the amount of Blue Light from the display for better night viewing and improved sleep.

· A Dark Mode setting that inverts the typical White Background with Black Text to a Black Background with White Text, which significantly reduces the overall Brightness of the entire display for most applications, and should reduce eye strain when viewing the display in low to dark ambient light.

· A True Tone viewing mode that automatically changes the White Point and color balance of the display based on real-time measurements of the Ambient Light falling on the screen to make the display behave more like paper reflecting Ambient Light and taking on its color.

· Small to Medium Color Shifts and Small Brightness Shifts with Viewing Angle.

· Vision Accessibility Display Modes to help people with vision impairments.

· The iPhone 14 Pro Max can be used with Polarized Sunglasses in both the Portrait and Landscape orientations unlike many LCDs, which generally work in only one of the two orientations.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today