According to MacRumors, last week Apple retail employees nationwide were invited to an FAQ-style meeting where store management attempted to answer questions on unionization and create an open environment to discuss unions. The goal, not surprisingly, was to discourage unionization.

The article says the FAQ-style meeting was designed to answer questions preselected by Apple, including:

  • What is a union and why does it matter at Apple Towson?
  • Did everyone at Towson get a raise?
  • Can you opt out of a union?

In the U.S., the Cumberland Mall store near Atlanta, Georgia became the first to file unionization paperwork with the National Labor Relations Board earlier this year. In May, a group of Apple employees at the Towson Mall in Towson, Maryland launched a union drive. A fourth group of Apple retail store workers — this time at the Oxmoore Center Mall in Louisville, Kentucky — reportedly plan to form a union. And workers at the flagship Grand Central Terminal store in New York City have been gathering signatures

And yesterday it was reported that a special “all Apple worker” Zoom call is being hosted by RAFFWU (the Retail and Fast Food Workers Union) to discuss the possible unionization of Apple retail store employees in Australia.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today