JumpCloud today announced the findings from its Q2 2022 SME IT Trends Report, “IT Evolution: How IT Is Securing the Next Stage of Small and Medium-Sized (SME) Workplace Models.” Some of the highlights of the report:

° When asked about their device spending over the next year, over one-third (33.7%) IT admins expected their macOS use to increase.

° The combination of device type in 2022 is 68.1% Windows, 20.2% macOS, and 16.9% Linux, compared to 58.2% Windows, 24.6% macOS, and 20.6% Linux in April of 2021.

° Only 5% of SME admins expected their organization’s use of macOS to decrease over the next year, compared to 14.6% who said their Windows use would decrease, and 9% who said their Linux use would decrease.

The report provides updated survey results and new findings to its biannual SME IT Trends Report first released in June 2021. Now two years into the transition to hybrid-remote workplaces, IT teams report that employees are becoming better partners in securing company data and their organizations are investing in IT.

JumpCloud commissioned this biannual survey of SME IT admins to gain unique insights into the day-to-day experiences of IT professionals who ably power and secure operations without enterprise-level budget and staff. The most recent survey results highlight that while IT teams are successfully managing hybrid-remote work, they are still burdened with a glut of tools despite a strong preference for more centralized IT management. 43.7% of employees now require six or more tools  just to get their job done, but 74.6% of respondents preferred a single tool.

External events like the war in Ukraine and uncertainty in financial markets introduce more complexity, adding another layer of operational concern for SME IT teams. Despite these challenges, SME IT admins remain dedicated to their jobs and responsibilities even while feeling overwhelmed by them.

“From complicated tech stacks to the downstream impact of global events, IT admins are working to secure and simplify workflows in less-than-ideal circumstances,” said Rajat Bhargava, co-founder and CEO, JumpCloud. “As IT teams sound the alarm about increased threats, SMEs should acknowledge these professionals are needlessly juggling a sprawling tech stack that isn’t efficient or cost-effective and that introduces unnecessary risk. While SMEs look to invest more heavily in IT infrastructure, a platform approach can improve employee experience and productivity, and provide safe access to critical applications and data — all for a lower TCO than bespoke point solutions.”

The results of the JumpCloud Q2 2022 SME IT Trends Report are available in JumpCloud’s ebook, “IT Evolution: How IT Is Securing the Next Stage of SME Workplace Models,” which can be downloaded for free here.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today