Bare Bones Software ( has announced the
release and immediate availability of BBEdit 9.2, a significant
update to its professional strength HTML and text editor.

BBEdit 9.2 introduces an array of noteworthy features and
refinements, including an innovative new Sleep command, which
captures the state of the application and restores it at next launch.
By sleeping BBEdit instead of quitting, customers can continue
working after a system restart or software update with minimal
disruption. The version 9.2 update also adds built-in support for
editing LassoScript source code, including syntax coloring, function
navigation and text folding.

“LassoSoft focuses on helping Web developers create custom,
data-driven Web sites without requiring a degree in computer science
to do the job,” explained Fletcher Sandbeck, co-founder of LassoSoft.
“Bare Bones Software’s BBEdit is a wonderful fit for our developer
community, and we are thrilled with the LassoScript editing support
introduced in version 9.2. Now our customers can apply BBEdit’s
legendary performance and feature set to their work.”

The BBEdit 9.2 update also includes major enhancements to Projects
with added commands for convenience, shortcuts for searching, and a
new file format which better fits with source code management systems
such as Subversion and Perforce. Version 9.2 includes an overhaul to
BBEdit’s management of recently used items.

BBEdit 9.2 also signals enhancements to the Scratchpad feature,
syntax coloring for all languages, with specific improvements to the
Java and Python language support, and new support for the ability to
browse Unix “tar” files in disk browsers.

“BBEdit has a reputation as the high performance, professional text
editor with something for everyone,” said Rich Siegel, founder and
CEO of Bare Bones Software, Inc. “In our best traditions, the new and
refined features in version 9.2, from Sleep to LassoScript support to
tarball browsing, are useful across the range of customers and their

The BBEdit 9.2 update is also a maintenance release that fixes
reported issues. Detailed information on all of the changes and
improvements in BBEdit 9.2 can be found at: