CUJO AI — which specializes in cybersecurity and network intelligence solutions for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) — has released its annual Device Intelligence Report. And it’s good news for Apple.

According to the report, smartphones (such as, of course, the iPhone) are the most common connected devices, reaching 41% of all connected devices compared to 38% the previous year, followed by computers and tablets at 17.5% and 9% respectively. Since April 2021, smartwatch usage continues to grow, making it the 4th most popular device type with the Apple Watch dominating the market (91%). )Which is an all-time statistic that I’ve never heard before.)

Among consumers, interest in gaming continues to grow even after the lockdown. Game consoles – particularly Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox – remain popular. Notably, Nintendo has a slight lead in terms of gaming platform popularity as a percentage of all new connected devices every month with Nintendo at 35.65%, PlayStation at 35.55%, and Xbox at 28.69%.  In addition, 25.27% of households have at least two consoles from different brands.

The CUJO AI report data, collected from April 2021 through March 2022, reveal Internet-connected device usage patterns and trends from 1.7 billion connected devices. It was conducted in collaboration with Airties, a provider of managed Wi-Fi solutions.

Article provided with permission from AppleWorld.Today